Create a container water feature in 5 simple steps

Give an old pot new life by transforming it into a beautiful water garden. Along with making sure your pot is watertight, you’ll also need to consider choosing aquatic plants that don’t need much regular maintenance. Otherwise, let your creativity go wild.

And it’s not all that hard when you get the right gear from your local Mighty Helpful Mitre 10.

Materials list

  • Watertight pot of choice
  • XXX cleaning product
  • Plants of choice
  • Bricks (optional)
  • Clay soil potting mix
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Reefe Pond & Fountain Kit 1100L/h

Step 1: Prepare your pot

If using an old garden pot or fountain, you’ll need to give it a good clean to ensure it’s in optimal condition for your water feature. Empty it of all soil and debris and clean it with XXXX. When you’re done, wash it out properly before filling it with water and plants to get rid of any chemicals that could harm the vegetation.

Step 2: Choose your location

The location you choose should be flat, level ground that allows for ample morning sun. The positioning will affect the plants you’ve chosen. We recommend finding a north-facing spot in your garden that won’t impede access. It should also be in proximity to an outdoor power point.

Step 3: Prepare your plants

Low-maintenance aquatic plants are the best bet to a successful container water feature. We recommend waterlilies, rushes and papyrus. Repot them using a clay-soil mix. This soil is dense and will ensure your plants receive optimal nutrients and support while submerged. Cover the soil with layers of sand and gravel to keep it in place while the plants are underwater.

Step 4: Fill your pot and place the plants

Fill your pot with water and place your plants inside. When adding your plants, the growing pot should be positioned so the lip is just below the surface of the water, about 3cm. Water lilies should be placed down to about ⅓ of the total depth of the water. Depending on the height of your pot, you may need to prop up your plants with bricks or some kind of platform.

Step 5: Install a pond pump and fountain kit

In order to keep the water clean and free of mosquitoes and algae, and the plants thriving, your pond will require a pond pump and fountain kit. Place your pond pump and fountain kit inside the water feature, plug it into an external power point and turn it on.

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