How to make and fix fly screens

There is nothing better on a hot summer night than having all the windows open to let a cool breeze through, but what about the mosquitoes? This how-to video will show you how to build or fix a flyscreen.

Project Checklist


  • Tape measure
  • Mitre box
  • Hacksaw with fine tooth blade
  • Spline roller and Stanley knife
  • Aluminium framing
  • Frame corners
  • Screen mesh
  • Spline

Step 1: Creating the Frame

Measure your existing window or door and cut the aluminium frame to fit. A good tip is to use a mitre box. Once you have the lengths for the frame, you need to cut the corners at a 45 degree angle so the pieces fit together. It’s also best to use a fine tooth blade with the hacksaw when sawing the corners. Insert the frame corners into the aluminium pieces and push the pieces together.

Step 2: Using the Mesh

Once the frame is together, it’s time to fit the mesh to the frame. Lay the mesh over the frame and start with a short length. Tack the spline into the frame at the ends and the middle using the spline roller, before running it along the entire length. This will stop the mesh from bunching up. Repeat this step for the longer length, and then work your way around the frame until all the mesh is in place.

Handy tip: It is good to have a second pair of hands to keep the mesh taut while you are fixing it to the frame.

Cut off the excess spline and trim the mesh with a Stanley knife.

Step 3: Fixing a Fly Screen

To fix the mesh on an existing fly screen, simply remove the spline and mesh, replace the mesh, and follow the Step 2 as above.