How to Hang a Picture Frame

Tools for the job

Step 1: Decide on position

With a pencil at the ready, hold the picture frame you want to hang, against the wall in the desired position. The general rule of the height to hang a picture frame is at about eye level. To show where you want to hang it, make a small pencil mark on the wall in the middle of the top of the frame.

Step 2: Mark with a pencil

Measure the top of the hanging wire to the top of the picture frame, and then transfer that measurement onto the mark on the wall. This is where we are putting the hook for the picture frame.

Whenever possible, anchor your pictures directly into a timber wall stud. You can use an electric stud finder to locate the studs. Remember, when you have a heavy picture, it is always best to find a stud.

Step 3: Hang picture

Screw or drill the picture hook straight into the plasterboard, and into the stud. Hang your picture frame. Use a spirit level to make sure your picture is truly straight.