How to hang a door

Do you want to update the exterior or interior of your home with a brand new door? If that’s a yes then you’ve come to the right place. We know how challenging some DIY projects can be, especially when it’s the first time you’ve done it. If you follow these simple steps on how to hang a door, you’ll be well on your way to a totally transformed space.

To get any DIY project for your home off to a good start, you’ll need to do a little research on what hand tools and power tools are appropriate for the job. If you’re new to this, to hang a door you may need an extra set of hands, as trial and error, and adjustment will definitely be parts of the process.

Tools for the job

Step 1: Check door size

Internal doors are usually lighter than external doors which means you can hang them on only two butt hinges, either brass or steel…you choose!

The first step is to check that the door is the right size. Where the standard door size is bigger than the opening, you may have to trim the door down to fit. If replacing an existing door which fits the opening, then use the old door as a template for trimming the new door.

Step 2: Mark door and frame

If not, prop the new door in the opening to check for a rough fit. Place two small packing pieces on top of the door equal to the 3mm clearance needed. Then use two wedges made from scrap timber and push these under the door so that the top and hinge sides of the door are hard up against the frame.

If the door is too big for the opening, pencil a line on the door parallel to the lock side to show how much is needed to be trimmed off the sides. Trim back as required. You may need to trim off the bottom of the door to allow for floor coverings such as carpet, tiles or floorboards.

Step 3: Trace hinges

While the door is still propped in the frame, mark the location of the hinges on both the door and the frame at the same time. If you are replacing an old door, use the existing hinge recesses in the door frame and mark these on your new door.

Step 4: Chisel around the outline

Remove the door from the frame and either clamp it to your work bench or vertically to the floor using a temporary door prop. Using a sharp pencil, trace the shape of the hinges onto the timber side of the door and mark the depth of the hinge leaf on the doors face and edge of the door frame.

Cut around each pencilled outline with a sharp chisel, holding it vertically with the bevelled edge towards the hinge recess area and tapping it down to the depth of the hinge leaf with a mallet. Check that the butt of the hinge fits snugly in the recess, then pre-drill your screw holes and screw the hinges tightly to the door.

Step 5: Place door

With the hinges screwed to the door, place the door at right angles to the opening. Adjust the height with a wedge under the bottom until the hinges on the door line up with the hinge recesses you have cut in the frame.

Step 6: Drill and screw

Drill and insert one screw in each hinge to the frame to ensure that the door fits. When it fits properly and opens and shuts freely, insert the remaining screws.

And there you have it, by following these six handy steps you’ll be able to confidently hang a door and change your room or entrance to your home in no time! If you do have any further questions about those DIY projects for your home, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our knowledgeable team or visit us in store today.