Create a Christmas centerpiece with Accent®

Nothing sets the tone for a stylish Christmas dinner like a beautiful centrepiece. Combine classic festive colours like greens and reds with lustrous metallics to create a striking table decoration that’ll impress all your guests this holiday season. Including a combination of natural textures like mixed branches lends a botanical feel for an elegant take on Christmas styling. And by using Accent Quick Spray, this craft project is surprisingly simple and affordable to make. So, why not pop on some festive tunes and create your own unique Christmas table display this season. Read on to learn more about this great project.


You will need:

  • Drop sheet
  • Lazy susan
  • Newspaper
  • Accent Quick Spray x 2 in your chosen colours
  • Accent Quick Spray Undercoat
  • Gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Bottle tops


1. Undercoat

It’s worth investing in a lazy susan for spray projects, it’s so much easier to turn the object you’re spraying than have to move around the object yourself. Protect your lazy susan with some newspaper, place the vase on top and spray a few light coats of Accent Quick Spray Undercoat, turning the lazy susan as you spray.

2. Spray Vase

Now it’s time to spray the vase with your selected Accent Quick Spray colour. Start spraying with smooth, even strokes parallel to the surface, slowly turning the lazy susan as you spray. Hold the can upright 15 to 25cm from the surface. Apply several light mist coats rather than one heavy coat which may cause paint sagging or running. Once dry apply a second coat as required.

3. Spray snowflakes

To spray the timber snowflakes, place the snowflakes on some height so you can easily spray the edges – something like a bottle top or pebble from the garden will work perfectly. Spray a few light coats of your selected Accent Quick Spray colour and leave to dry for 10 minutes before turning over and coating the other side. Remember to spray several light mist coats rather than one heavy coat for best results and no drips.

4. Style

Place your completed vase in the centre of the table with some branches from the garden or your local flower shop – eucalyptus or olive branches work beautifully. Decorate the branches with snowflakes and mini red baubles for a splash of colour. Place extras on each serviette for a simple but effective Christmas setting.

Christmas is the perfect time for celebration and what better way to kick off the cheer than to lovingly decorate your home with unique homemade pieces. These charming additions and little touches help to create a wonderful, warm atmosphere that you and your family are sure to love! You can make an impression by decorating your festive table with Accent.

Vase: Accent Quick Spray Teal. Snowflakes: Accent Quick Spray Metallic Silver.

*Calculated for a vase and 5 x snowflakes, 5 applications of light mist coats excludes 10 mins dry time between coats. Cleaning and prep included. Timings quoted at 25°C and 50% humidity.