Create Your Own Cottage Garden

Cottage gardens – a lifestyle

The cottage garden was traditionally a productive one. An active, evolving set of garden beds that provided food and herbs for the table, and flowers for craft. Humble families would devote virtually the entire space to food production, while those better off might devote the front yard to a colourful display of flowers. The cottage garden themes of colour, abundance, fragrance and charm are just as popular and valid today – and an historic cottage isn’t pre-requisite. These gardens are as productive as possible from season to season, and they’re as much about the activity of gardening as they are about the garden’s outputs and appearance. They are gardener’s gardens. If you don’t have the time for almost daily attendance you might prefer any number of low maintenance garden themes, but not the cottage garden – it’s a high maintenance activity for those that enjoy gardening itself. That said, you might prefer to start small and see what suits you. Cottage gardens tend to evolve over time, responding to (and reflecting) the personality of the gardener.

Tools for the job

  • Tape measure, pegs, string lines
  • Tools for building garden edges
  • Tools for paving
  • Spade, fork, barrow, garden trowel
  • Secateurs, shears, hedge trimmers, pruning saw
  • Watering can