Best Camera Security Systems of 2021 in Australia

Best Home Security System – Wireless

There are many benefits to choosing the full package wireless video security system for your home. As it’s wireless you’ll be able to set the cameras up relatively easily yourself, without having to get an electrician in to connect it all for you. With a wireless home camera security system you are able to move the camera to the location that you want as you please. These cameras are usually powered by a rechargeable USB battery and connect to a branded smartphone app via bluetooth.

Best Home Security System – Wired

The best video security system for home is the one that you feel most comfortable with. If you’re someone who is savvy with tech and has the electrical knowledge for installation of a camera system then you’re good to go with a wired option. These cameras don’t require batteries and will always be ready to capture footage you need. Check out our Q-See CCTV Kit 4 Camera SHD with 8 Channel Recorder for the full at home security set up or if it’s HD and full recording system you need, the Q-See CCTV Kit with 4 PIR HD Cameras and 8 Channel DVR is definitely for you. Maybe you just want to add on camera for extra high resolution vision? Then try out our Home Q-See CCTV Super HD PoE Camera 


Do You Need Cloud Storage? or Local Storage?

Most cameras won’t save the video footage directly onto the device itself. This is where cloud storage or local storage comes in. Depending on the brand and model of security camera, the information collected will be stored for different lengths of time in different locations. Some models have an SD card and others involve a subscription fee for cloud storage.

What Is Face Detection?

Some of the best home camera security systems have the ability to zoom in on a face and send you an alert to your smartphone. If you identify this image as a person that is safe, the device will recognise them next time. Similarly it will alert you when there is someone who is not recognised.

What Is Motion Detection?

When your security camera detects any motion in its field of view, you will be alerted and you can engage the camera to see what it is. This allows you to either send through an alarm or if your model has the capability, engage a microphone and speak with the person. On a lot of cameras you can set an area that you need the motion to be detected in and block out things like cars or passers by outside of your yard area.

How Much Should You Spend on a Security Camera?

The price of keeping your home and loved ones safe with the best smart home security system is absolutely up to you. There are plenty of options for different budgets, you just need to know what you want. Wireless or wired cameras come with different qualities, sizes, resolutions, functionalities and storage solutions. You can expect to spend anywhere between $50 and $1500 depending on the bundles you require.