Garden Bench Restoration

Give a garden bench a new lease of life in 4 easy steps

A classic garden bench has an old-world charm, and calls for lazy afternoons in the outdoors. However, after time, it is likely to have patinated in the outdoor elements. If you have a garden bench in need of some love, you can restore it to its former glory.

And it’s not all that hard when you get the right gear from your local Mighty Helpful Mitre 10.

What you’ll need:

  • Organoil
  • Sandpaper
  • Rag
  • Bucket
  • Rustoleum metal sealant
  • Wire brush

Step 1: Prepare the surface

First, you’ll need to prepare the surface of your bench. Use a wire brush to take off any flaky paint or rust that appears on metal parts. The wire brush is particularly handy to get into the corners and grooves.

Step 2: Wash and clean

Next, use soap and water to remove any other dirt or dust that has accumulated. Rinse away the soap, and let the bench dry.

Step 3: Apply a sealer to the metal

Now that your bench is clean, apply a sealer to the metal. Adhere masking tape to the timber before spraying it on, to keep the sealer to the metal. Spray on Rustoleum, a UV resistant sealer that is fast drying and will help protect the bench from further damage or decay outdoors.

Step 4: Sand the timber

Finally, if the timber is looking tired, sand it back in preparation for waxing and polishing.

Step 5: Wax and polish

Lend longevity to the bench by applying some Organoil. It will nourish and rejuvenate even the most weathered timber and restore it to its natural beauty to be enjoyed many years to come.

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