How to finish a new timber deck in one day

So you’ve built the deck and think you’ve got to wait 4-6 weeks for the timber to weather? Not anymore. Here’s how you can finish a new timber deck in just 1 day with Cabot’s.

Materials List

  • Cabot’s New Timber Prep
  • Cabot’s Deck Clean
  • Cabot’s Aquadeck
  • Cabot’s deck hand bucket
  • Prep scrubbing broom
  • 75mm cutter brush
  • Cabot’s Deck Coat lambswool applicator
  • Paint can opener
  • Stirrer

Step 1: Apply Cabot’s New Timber Prep

Cabot’s New Timber Prep removes the tannins and oils from bare hardwood like merbau so you can skip the recommended timber weathering period of 4 to 6 weeks and get on with it. First hose down the timber surface leaving it damp. Pour Cabot’s New Timber Prep solution into the Deck hand Bucket and generously apply undiluted to the timber surface with your deck prep scrubbing broom.

Test this by dripping some water on the surface; if it penetrates it’s ready to coat. However, if it beads on the surface; there’s still some residual surface coating that needs to be removed. If it’s old and patchy: lntergrain Power Prep will do the trick; but if the coating is still intact you’ll need lntergrain Timber Stripper to take it back to bare timber.

Wait for 15 minutes, but don’t let the solution dry on the surface, then wash off.

Step 2: Apply Cabot’s Deck Clean

Next you’ll need to neutralize the timber surface to clean off any surface contaminants. While the deck is still damp mix 1 part Cabot’s Deck Clean with 4 parts water and scrub it down with a scrubbing broom.

Wait for 20 minutes, again don’t let the solution dry on the surface, then wash off.

Step 3: Apply Cabot’s Aquadeck

When the timber is dry it’s ready to coat with Cabot’s Aquadeck.

Give it a good stir to ensure the colour is even throughout the can, then pour it into the Cabot’s Deck Hand bucket. Apply using the Deck Coat lambswool applicator, covering 3-4 boards at a time in long strokes. Work along the full length of the boards, rather than across to ensure consistency and that no edges appear mid-board. Wipe over any drips immediately to ensure they don’t dry as this will leave spots.

Cut in around the edges with a brush where required.

Apply 2 coats leaving 1 hour between each and the good news is that Cabot’s AquaDeck lasts twice as long as oil-based decking oils!

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