How to make a couch sleeve

Love sitting on the couch with your favourite drink, but hate spills? A couch sleeve (or couch cuff) is the perfect solution! It provides a hard, stable surface to put your drink on between sips.

And it’s not all that hard when you get the right gear from your local Mighty Helpful Mitre 10.

Step 1: Measure the couch and cut your timber

Measure the arm of your sofa and add 1mm to the total width. The aim is for your couch sleeve to fit snugly without being too tight.

Using your 18mm premium ply project panel:

  • Cut the top piece to your custom width. Make it 500mm long for stability.
  • Cut your two side pieces to 500mm x 200mm.
  • Cut your front piece to the same width as your top piece, minus 36mm. Make it the same height as your side pieces minus 18mm, so it fits snugly between the two sides and the top.
  • Cut your 3mm plywood to the same measurement as your top piece, then trim off 36mm so it fits inside the finished unit.

Step 2: Assemble the pieces

Position your timber so the top and first side make an L-shape. The side should be flush with the edge of the top panel. Attach with wood glue and four nails. Leave the nails standing proud (slightly protruding) for now. Repeat on the other side. Attach your front piece with wood glue, making sure the edges are flush. When the glue is set, punch in your nails with a hammer and punch. Use wood putty to cover the holes.

Step 3: Cut the cup holder

Use an 83mm holsesaw bit to create a cupholder in your desired position. Then, glue the remaining piece of 3mm plywood to the underside of the couch sleeve to complete the build.

Step 4: Sand and varnish

Sand any rough edges with your rough and fine grit sandpaper, depending on what’s needed. Finish the couch sleeve with Cabots Stain & Varnish.

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