Paint your rendered wall with Accent®

There’s nothing better than relaxing in your own backyard oasis on a beautiful day. But if your outdoor area is looking a little dull and dreary, it might be time for some home improvement. You can keep your outdoor entertainment space looking great by applying a fresh coat of paint to your rendered wall. It’s easy to treat discolouration or update your exterior colour scheme using our four-step guide below. We’ve also included a handy shopping list so that you can gather everything you need to guarantee an impeccable finish. This simple do-it-yourself project can make a big impact on your home, so why not get started today? We think you’ll love the results – especially during the warmer months when you’re enjoying the outdoors.

Ensure you have the correct equipment

You will need:

  • Broom or brush
  • High pressure hose (optional)
  • Clean brush
  • Roller & tray
  • Paint brush
  • Extension pole
  • Stirrer
  • Masking tape
  • Drop sheet
  • Ladder
  • Accent SolarMAX Matt or Low Sheen

1. Clean

To start, give the wall a deep clean. Clean the wall and surrounding area with a brush or broom, then remove any dirt, debris or flaking paint using a high pressure hose. Allow time for the wall to dry and brush it down once again.

2. Mask

Next, it’s time to use the masking tape to mask off the edges and to cover any areas you don’t want painted. Lay your drop sheet on to the ground for protection.

3. Cut in

Once your walls are clean and dry, and you’ve masked off any edges, it’s time to cut in. Cutting in means that you use a paintbrush for spots that you can’t reach with a paint roller. Before you get started, stir the paint thoroughly with a broad flat stirrer. Next, load your brush with paint and carefully cut in around the edges and features.

4. Paint

Now, you’re ready to get painting. Load the roller with an even amount of paint. Start on the left at the edge and roll in an overlapping ‘W’ pattern across the wall to ensure an even distribution of paint. Once you have covered a large section of the wall, you can lay off before the paint dries.

It’s easy to improve the look of your rendered wall using these four steps. And best of all, a fresh coat of paint can quickly transform your outdoor space. If you’ve been thinking about some home renovations, now might be the perfect time to begin with a stylish outdoor makeover. Make an impression by refreshing your rendered wall with Accent.

Rendered wall: Accent Venus White, bench seat: Accent Silver King

*Timings quoted at 25°C and 50% humidity.