Paint your kids space with Accent®

A child’s bedroom or nursery is the ideal space to experiment with some fun colours and cheerful looks. For a twist on more conventional options, why not try an ombre effect? The ombre technique can create a breathtaking water-coloured finish perfectly suited to children’s bedrooms. Starting with a deeper tone and graduating to a gentle pastel hue, the ombre effect is a simple and stylish way to personalise your little one’s space. We’re confident that your family’s tiniest members will be delighted when they see the transformation. Don’t forget to use our handy shopping list below to ensure you have all the products and equipment needed before you get started.


You will need:

  •  Bucket & sponge
  • Accent Sugar Soap
  •  Drop sheet
  •  Masking tape
  •  Stirrer
  •  Paintbrush x 3
  •  Roller & tray x 3
  •  Plastic containers for mixing x 2
  •  Tape measure
  •  Lead pencil
  •  Accent Interior x 3 colours
  •  Accent All Purpose Filler & scraper
  •  P220 grit sandpaper & block
  •  Accent Multi Prep Water Based

1. Prepare and mix

Remove furniture and lay down the drop sheets. Clean walls with Accent Sugar Soap. Fill any holes or cracks, allow to dry, sand back and dust off. Spot prime any patches with Accent Multi Prep Water-Based. Mask the trims for cutting in and adjoining walls and any other areas you do not want paint on. Measure the wall and divide it into four even sections using a lead pencil. In a pail add a 50/50 split of dark and medium colour paint and mix well.

2. Paint A

Starting with the darkest colour, first, cut in around the edges with a paintbrush. Next, using a roller, paint the bottom section of the wall (section 1 of 4).

3. Paint B

Using a second roller and the medium colour, paint the next section of the wall (section 2 of 4), leaving a 5cm gap between the medium and dark colours.

4. Blend

Apply the mixed paint with a clean brush in the gap between the stripes, gently blurring the edges and blending the colours as you go.

5. Sponge

While the surface is still wet, use a sponge to dab the blended colours for a softer, more gradual effect.

6. Mix

In a pail, add a 50/50 split of the lightest paint colour to the medium paint colour and mix well.

7. Paint C

Using the rhird roller and the lightest colour, paint the next section of the wall (section 3 of 4) leaving a 5cm gap between the light and medium colours.

8. Blend

With a clean brush, apply the mixed paint between the stripes, once again blurring the edges and blending the colours. To finish, blend the lightest colour into the top section of the wall (section 4 of 4). To achieve a smooth ‘fade out’ gradient at the top of the wall, mix the lightest paint with the existing wall paint colour. Alternatively, use the sponge to fade out the lightest paint colour over the existing wall colour.

And that’s it! With these eight easy steps, you can effortlessly create a whole new look in your child’s bedroom or nursery. An ombre effect is an excellent, versatile option. You can select tasteful blue tones for a soothing and tranquil final result. Or choose from a range of other colours, like pretty pinks, cheery yellows or grassy greens, for a unique take on this great trend.
Make an impression by refreshing your walls with Accent.

Image – walls: Accent Tropical Delight, Accent Tempting Aqua and Accent Diamond Mint.
*Calculated for a prepainted 4×2.4m wall.