How to choose quality paint

Surprisingly, the biggest mistakes with painting often happen because of the type of paint used so here are a few things to consider.

Benefits of quality paint

Low end paints can crack and peel over time and are less resistant to mould. Quality paints are more durable offering greater stain resistance, with most marks and stains able to be wiped off for the everyday wear and tear. Many are also mould and mildew resistant in the rooms you need them in, such as your kitchen or bathroom. You may save some dollars to start with, but be warned, you’ll be up for more coats and longer dry time.


Choosing a quality paint that is low VOC is a smart move. So what’s VOC? It stands for Volatile Organic Compound and low VOC means low paint odour and kinder to the environment and your family.

Final tip, make sure you grab the right paint rollers and brushes for a speedy job with a high-end finish.