Have some fun with Accent quick spray

Adding some fresh paint to a bedside table is a simple and cost-effective way to brighten up any bedroom. A statement bedside table with cheery colours can instantly add interest to a space. For a fun, retro look why not try a combination of zesty orange and light green? Or pick your own favourite colours and add some small decorative pieces to complement your selected theme and tie it all together. This great project can be completed in just three hours, and with only a few products required, it’s kind to the hip pocket too! Before you get started, take a look at the shopping list below to ensure that you have all the products and equipment you need for a professional finish.

1. Prep

Begin by laying down your drop sheet before thoroughly cleaning your bedside table using Accent Sugar Soap. Next, lightly sand the front of the drawers.

2. Mask

Use the masking tape and newspaper to carefully cover all the areas you don’t want sprayed. Remember to take your time with this step, as overspray can ruin a project. Correct masking is key to preventing any problems.

3. Spray A

It’s important to shake the can of Accent Quick Spray for at least one minute before you start spraying the surface area. Always wear a dust mask when spray painting and spray in a well ventilated area. Spray the first drawer using a smooth, even technique and always apply several light mist coats instead of one heavier coat. Heavier coats can cause the paint to run, compromising the finish.

4. Spray B

Repeat step three with your second colour and allow the drawers to dry completely before reassembling them.

If you’ve been keen to try upcycling but haven’t been sure where to start giving your bedside table a makeover might be the perfect launching pad. It’s easy to see why upcycling has become so popular, from the personal savings to environmental benefits – turning an old piece of furniture into something truly special with a personal touch is well worth the effort. And with these four quick steps, you can transform your bedside table into something fabulous without fuss. This is one craft project you can feel good about, and we think you’ll love the result. Make an impression by updating your drawers with Accent.

Drawers: Accent Quick Spray Orange and Light Green. *Calculated for a bedside table 400mm x 400mm, 4 applications of light mist coats and 10 minutes between coats. Filling, sanding and cleaning prep included. Timings quoted at 25°C and 50% humidity