How to design your outdoor area


When you’re looking to buy a BBQ, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the area you have to work with, then you have to look at the features, the number of burners it has, charcoal vs gas and the look you’re after. Other options include pizza ovens and spit roasters which are both great when entertaining a large group.


Your outdoor area should be a place you can relax and unwind, so comfortable furniture to do that in is essential. Think of whether you want a table setting or a lounge setting, and also whether you want furniture in wicker, aluminium, steel or timber. Don’t forget about outdoor storage boxes that match your settings to keep your outdoor cushions, kid’s toys and bbq accessories clean and dry.


With outdoor lights you can be as creative as you like, from adding fairy lights to trees or candle lanterns on your table. Solar lights are a great non-fuss option for garden stakes around the garden or to light a path. For a party feel, citronella bamboo torches keep the mozzies away and look great.


Shade is essential for your outdoor area and there are numerous options. There are portable shade options such as umbrellas and pop-up gazebos to more permanent shade sails. Organise your furniture under natural shade such as a large tree.


Plants change the whole look and feel of your outdoor area. Add colour through hanging baskets or height through a vertical garden while climbing plants can make a standard fence into a feature piece. The use of herbs or flowers in planter boxes or pot plants can be placed anywhere in your garden to add some greenery to your area or fill a large area.

Outdoor decor

Add personality and a splash of colour to your outdoor living area with garden décor. Freestanding water features and birdbaths are great for larger areas, while garden stools, statues, lanterns and wall mounted features require minimal room when you’re short on space. Weather resistant outdoor cushions can add instant colour and texture to outdoor living areas and allow you to customise the comfort of your outdoor seating.

Something for the kids

Why should grown-ups have all the fun in the sun? From portable sandpits and kids picnic tables with umbrellas, your kids can have the same set up as you just in a smaller scale!