How to garden with bulbs

Safety first at all times

Did you know many bulbs are poisonous? Suggestions to store bulbs in the fridge to encourage early flowering are fine, however always mark them very clearly in the packs they were purchased in. And always let the other fridge users in your household know they are there and not to unpack them.


If your bulbs are pre-packaged, ensure you follow the recommended planting depths indicated, as planting too deeply or too shallowly can cause problems. If there’s no guide the bulb gardening rule of thumb is plant your bulb at a depth equal to double its width.

Using bulb gardening planters

If you’re looking at planting large numbers of bulbs then a bulb planter not only makes the job easier but ensures bulbs planted at the right depth.

Lifting bulbs

Using a bulb basket helps simplify the jobs of planting and lifting your bulbs easy. Just plant the bulbs as normal and put your basket flush with the soil surface, so that you’ll never lose a bulb and lifting them is no problem.

More bulb gardening safety

Did you also know that bulbs are commonly dusted with fungicides to prevent rotting once they’re planted? So it’s a good idea to wear gloves at all times when bulb gardening and wash your hands and arms well once finished, and certainly before eating or smoking.