DIY paving – with a little help from Mitre 10

The choices available which have been specifically designed for DIY paving is enormous. Choose from either clay-based or concrete, and in a variety of shapes, such as square, rectangular hexagonal and other interlocking pavers. Some pavers even have specific safety and durability functions, and Boral have developed a range of salt-safe pavers for use in coastal areas and next to salt water swimming pools, inlcuding slip resistant pavers. Finally, pick a pattern that best reflects the area being paved and your own preferences. Choose from stretcher bond, herringbone, parguet or basket weave.

Step 1: Amount of pavers you will need

Start your paving job with accurate measurements. Generally speaking, paving materials are sold by the square metre, so to calculate your paved area multiply the width by the length. For example, an area measuring 12 metres long by 5 metres wide gives a paved area of 12 x 5 = 60m2. Manufacturers help with your calculations by stating how many pavers are required per square metre, too. If bricks are your material of choice allow approximately 40 per square metre, so for our job of 60m2 we would need 2,400 bricks.

Step 2: Drainage requirements

It’s important to understand any drainage requirements before a single paver is laid. After rain, note any areas where water pools as you may need to put in an ag-line or strip drain prior to paving. Another solution is using fill to build in camber or fall, so that water will always run off the paved area.

When your paved surface reaches right to the house it’s important to allow a gentle fall away from the house for drainage. Also, the paving must be a minimum of 150mm below the houses damp proof course. This horizontal layer of material protects the house from rising damp, so do not pave above it or a nasty case of rising damp may arise!

Step 3: Thickness of paving

Will you be walking or driving on your paving? There are two common thicknesses – 50mm which is ideal for paths and patios, and 65mm for use on driveways.